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17th September 2017 – by Miss Pitchford
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What a busy week it has been in Base 1! We have started looking at the book Stuck by Oliver Jeffers in literacy. We started by looking just at the front cover and making predictions about what we thought the story might be about. There were some lovely ideas about what the little boy might get stuck up the tree and the children were able to link their ideas to personal experiences! When we eventually got to peek inside the book we discovered it was a kite that got stuck in the tree. Amazingly we found some kites stuck in the trees in our woodland area and so after rescuing them we were able to write down some advice for Floyd, the character in the story.

In maths we have made a great start on our place value work. We are practising counting forwards and backwards everyday and making sure we can do this starting from any given number. We have worked on representing numbers in different ways this week as well as filling in some missing number sequences. The Y1 children are becoming really confident with there numbers 0-20 whilst the reception children are working on numbers 0-5.

We have had our first PE session this week (thank you for labelling all of your children's clothes so clearly, it is a huge help!) as well as a session of gymnastics. The children really enjoyed both of these activities and listened really well to instructions throughout. We have also worked to develop our class charter this week. I was really proud of how the children worked together to come up with rules for our classroom that will make it a lovely place to be. It was very clear how important it was to the children to make sure that everyone in our classroom knows that they matter. We all 'signed' our charter with a colourful handprint to say that we agree to try our very best all year – including myself and Mrs Griffin!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

Miss Pitchford

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