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As always it's been a busy week in Base 1!

In literacy we meet a new character in our story, Burglar Betty, who was trying to steal from Burglar Bill! We decided that we should help the police catch her and use all of the skills we learnt last week to write a brilliant character description. The children used 'role on the wall' to plan their writing and after lots of talk and discussion about Burglar Betty's appearance and personality they were ready to write. The descriptions were very clear and gave lots of useful information. The year 1 children worked very hard to sequence their sentences and then re-read to check they made sense, whilst the reception children used their phonics knowledge to label a picture of Burglar Betty. We have also written a recount of our trip to Blists Hill this week, more about that to come later!

In maths the year 1 children have been learning how to use a number line to help them answer addition and subtraction questions, we even looked at some number lines that didn't have any numbers written on them and discovered that they could still help us to find the solution to some problems! The reception children have joined in with some of the number Iine work, recognising the numbers and working hard to find one more and one less than a given number.

Tuesday was a very exciting day for us, it was our trip to Blists Hill Victorian Village. After the journey there on the bus we went straight down the school house where we were turned into Victorians! Victorian school was quite strict, it was tricky to be 'seen and not heard' at times but we soon got into the swing of it. After a quick hand inspection we did some maths and practised our handwriting on slates (which the children thought were really quick similar to our small whiteboards!!). We also learnt about what happened to Victorian children when they misbehaved, thankfully we were all good as gold! After lunch we went to visit the doctors and enjoyed spending our Victorian money in the bakery. I hope you have heard lots about our trip and enjoy looking at the photos. It was an absolute joy to take the children out of school, they behaved so well all day and did everybody proud.

Please do remember to bring coats, hats and scarfs to school now, it has been very chilly this weekend and we do spend lots of time outside. I look forward to seeing many of you this week at parents evening!

Miss Pitchford

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