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This week is Anti-Bullying Week, with this year's strapline: 'All different; all equal'

In school, we have used our Tuesday assembly and our Well-being Lunch Clubs to focus our attention on:

  • what bullying can look like in its different forms
  • how it would make us feel if we were being bullied
  • why might someone be a bully
  • how we might show we were being bullied (body language / facial expressions)
  • who we might / could tell
  • what we can do to help each other to prevent bullying in school

We have used photographs and stories as stimuli to start the discussions and learning talk.

The children know the difference between a 'fall-out' and bullying. The children are very clear that incidences of bullying are very rare in school; in fact, children say they don't see bullying behaviour in school. When asked why not, they were clear that 'We all matter' and that we 'treat each other nicely and with respect'.

We very much hope bullying doesn't happen to a child at Wrenbury but we know that it may happen.
Please refer to our Anti-Bullying Policy Website: School — Policies.
We have purchased a 'How to deal with Bullying' booklet for each of our families; these will be sent home later this week.

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