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Despite it being a bit nippy, it's been good to get outside again today in school. Again, we have some lovely shares to keep us smiling and catching up with our friends and families.

From Katie, Belle's mum, late last night...
Belles done some art today, mainly drawing, she drew this great picture this afternoon. :) Hope everyone is well at school. I'm really impressed Belle and what talent you have — I know how brilliant you are art as I've led some art lessons with Base 5- now everyone can see how great you are! Keep drawing and sharing!

Also last night, from Harriet, Fraya's mum later...
Week 1 Homeschool on a narrow boat. Freya wrote..Me and my brother had an epic sword battle with two bamboo sticks. Mine was the strongest! Also we had a fire next to our battle just to make it look like a war! What a fun day we had!!! For a couple of weeks I have been really poorly but we went on lots of walks with my dog and saw a poorly cow like me so it made me feel much better. After lots of medicine I have felt much better. Today is Monday me and my brother are having another epic battle down at our workshop. Freya x Mum continued to say...And by the way the poorly cow is much better. We're all glad you are better Freya and the cow! We missed you when you weren't in school so it's wonderful to know you are so much better. It's amazing what fun can be had with some sticks — and how lovely that you and your brother had such a great day!

Finally last night from Rebecca, Constance and Wilfred's mum...
Hi Bessa, Constance and Wilf have had a really busy day today. They have played Jenga with their Dad, turned a card board box into a school bus and played in it as well as both doing Literacy and Numeracy which they were desperate for their teachers to see. Constance has enjoyed starting her topic on the Celts and I can recommend Twinkl as as place to get good resources for that topic to other Base 3 parents. Hope all is well at school — the kids are missing everyone so much but they are so enjoying sharing their learning and also seeing what their peers are up to. Thank you for giving them that platform — it's so important to make them still feel connected. All the best. Wow — you did have a very busy day! Who won the game of Jenga? Was it you Wilfred? I bet you both had great fun in your school bus. Miss Phillips and Mrs Dopierala will be very pleased with your learning and they'll also be delighted that you are finding lots of ways to have fun as a family too.


And today...
Maria shared some photos of Oliver and Evie. it's great to see our children cooking and learning fantastic life skills. How did you create the glow in the bath, I wonder — looks lovely!

From Hayley, Esme and Libby's mum...
Hi. Esme and Libby wanted to share the fairy gardens they have been making, we have put some seeds in so hopefully flowers in the summer We love fairies at Wrenbury. Mrs Charlesworth thinks we should make some fairy gardens — let's put it on our 'to do' list for when we come back! Esme and Libby you can be the chief makers!

From Sam, Laura, Sophie and Joshie's mum...
Hi all, The girls have been busy today cooking chilli for our dinner tonight! I'll let you know how it was ....if I survive! We're trying to take a more relaxed approach to our learning this week! We have explored slime, painted animals with our handprints, chased and counted bubbles in the garden seeing whose went the highest, whose was the biggest! Hope you're all doing well! The Agnews x Lovely to see another family where the children are learning to cook! Wonderful! I'm sure the chilli will taste delicious! Lovely to know and see you relaxing about learning. Happy minds will always learn best (a favourite saying of the headteacher at my previous school and she was /is absolutely right!).

From Mrs Charlesworth, Annabel's mum...
A little bit of times table practice! Well done Annabel! Like Freya, Annabel has been poorly but she's a lot better now, which is good to hear and see.

I am really happy to see you balancing the enjoyment of family time, crafting, art and imaginative play with lots of reading and/or listening to stories, practicing number and maths facts and writing activities. Keep safe and keep sharing — you keep us all connected as a school family and bring us our daily dose of smiles. Bessa Cador

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