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Exciting news Year 5 and 6! Keele University have got back to us with the results from the Science Investigation you carried out on the River Weaver a little while ago. A pamphlet has been produced, that includes your findings and is available at Nantwich Museum, with full details of the study in if you want to find out more.

Scott who was leading the Keele team initially got back to us with the following:

'Headline result is the salinity measurement. At just over 800ppm, this is very elevated. In fact, it wouldn't be classified as "Fresh water", but actually "Brackish". In comparison, the water taken from the Nantwich Museum tap, has a salinity level of ~150ppm. Therefore the river water is 5-6 times more saline!'

Basically the water in the area we tested was clean but extremely salty — just over 5 times more salty than the water that comes out of our taps! After a little bit of research though it still is no where near as salty as sea water which has a salinity (how salty it is) of 35 000 ppm!

(ppm — parts per million)

I still wouldn't want to drink the water though! Well done Year 5 and 6 on a fantastic investigation and for a brilliant contribution to a university study.

Nantwich Museum are hosting an opening of their River Weaver exhibition on Friday 14th July at 7pm. If you would like to attend please RSVP Nantwich Museum on:

Tel 01270 627104

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