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Y6 at Robin Wood

12th July 2015 – by Mrs Cador
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We're back from a brilliant few days away in Todmorden feeling very tired but full to the brim with excitement and pride from all we've achieved.

We've been hoisted high on the giant swing, escaped the Dungeons of Doom, climbed to new heights (some of us blindfolded), successfully solved problems to complete the knight's Quest, crawled through small spaces in the caves, rallied together to build rafts and skydived into the lake, learnt to canoe, zoomed down the zip wire, splashed our way across the piranha pool, taken a leap of faith, completed the crate challenge, hit the target in archery and followed the leader along the night-line.

Liam and JJ made our stay one to remember: we have laughed, cried, hugged, screamed, cheered, giggled and gasped. We've challenged ourselves, worked brilliantly as a team and overcome our fears...but most of all we've loved every minute!

Here are a few photos of our experience for you to enjoy.

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