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When should my child return to school?

26th February 2019 – by B Cador
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When should my child return to school?

We know that when your child has been ill it's important to take steps to make sure they're well enough to be at school, but also that they're not at risk of spreading any infection or illness. We also know that the guidelines are complicated and it's not easy to find out when your child can return to school or even if they need to be kept away.

NHS South Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS Vale Royal CCG have been working with schools that have been participating in their self care awards and through conversations with parents and teachers have identified a gap in easy to understand information. This is something Wrenbury Primary School has been involved in (and continues to be involved in) and for which we received the Bronze Award last year.

The CCGs, working closely with both Cheshire East and Cheshire West and Chester public health teams have developed a quick guide that can inform how long a child should be off school or nursery with certain, common illnesses.

We hope that the simple one-page guide we are sending home can support you as parents and carers to better understand the guidelines around children being off school if they have a common childhood illness.

Kind regards,
Debbie Rowlands

Self-Care Champion
Wrenbury Primary School

when should my child return to school
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