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We're ready to plant out our sunflowers!

11th May 2021 – by B Cador
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Dear parent/carer,
As you were made aware in my last newsletter, we are supporting the Wrenbury community project to 'Let's Make Wrenbury Yellow' by planting lots of sunflowers. The project aims to bring a splash of colour and something to make us smile over the summer after the challenges of the past 12-14 months we've all experienced.

I think we're now ready to start planting our sunflowers – fingers crossed the frosts have passed.

Please can each child bring back a sunflower seedling/young plant to plant in school this week and keep their second seedling at home to plant in the garden. If you haven't been successful, no worries – we have extra seeds for your child to try again, if they'd like to.

Many thanks to Lauren Ridgeway, Rachel Walker, Becky Pass and Jackie for coming in voluntarily at the weekend to prepare some borders to make planting easier for the children. It was very much appreciated, as was Sarah Goodwin's support in sourcing sunflower seeds and for your donations of pots, seeds and compost to help us on our way.

Next week we will be reminding the community that it is Dementia Week and to show our support for those families with loved ones affected by dementia there will be a show of 'forget-me-nots' on the lawns at the front of school.

As always, thank you for all your support of the children and the Wrenbury Team and helping us to play our part in the Wrenbury community.

Best wishes,
Bessa Cador

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