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The children are back! I can't express how wonderful it was to welcome the whole school family back yesterday. There were so many lovely moments. Having the children all meet up on ZOOM for their whole school assembly and then all take part in the Wrenbury Walk (within their bubbles) but able to wave and smile at each other was magical. It showed how, despite the time apart, we still have those strong bonds of friendship and togetherness. School was filled with chatter and laughter. Here's to many more days like this.
On a personal note, I'd like to thank our school family and parents for their support.

  • Much appreciated cakes baked and delivered for the staff by Cath Mansfield, Kathryn Davies and Liz Falding.
  • Sarah Goodwin's fabulous fundraising and the donations of books and plant pots, as well as role-play items for our younger pupils.
  • Miss Wimpenny's father's donation of spring primroses to brighten our planters.
  • The lovely, uplifting messages that have been sent in to the staff and myself. Here are just a few...
    "Just a little note to say a huge thank you to you and your team over the last few months. Yet again, you have gone well above and beyond in ensuring all of the children have been happy and safe during these difficult times."
    "I don't think you realise how amazing you all are but I do hope you know how much our children love and appreciate you all!"
    Mrs Charlesworth was given well-deserved, personal recognition by one of our parents in the reader's letter section of the Nantwich News. You can read it here:
    We are a team and I know from working alongside every member of staff (teaching and support) that they have all gone above and beyond over the past year...and I'm immensely proud of them!
    I finish by saying a huge thank you to our parents and grandparents — you have done an amazing job with the home schooling in often difficult circumstances. I know the teachers appreciate everything you have done and we will continue to work together to support your child in getting the very best all round education we can give them during their time at Wrenbury.
    Take care,
    Bessa Cador

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