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It has been lovely to welcome you all back this week and hear about your half term adventures.

We began our week exploring, what caused dinosaurs to die out. We found out that we can't be sure exactly what happened to dinosaurs but some scientists believe that giant rocks from space smashed into the earth creating clouds of dust. In addition, we discovered that lots of volcanoes erupted, throwing up more clouds of ash and dust, which blocked the sun. Earth began to freeze and the plants died, leaving many dinosaurs without food. Therefore, to ignite our understanding of the world we watched a real volcano erupt on the whiteboard and observed lava "bubbling" "squirting" from out of the top of the volcano. We then became scientists and had lots of fun experimenting how volcanoes erupt.

In our mathematics sessions, we have continued to build upon our learning of numbers 1-5. This week, we focused on comparing numbers, saying which was more/less/same as a given number. This was quite tricky but we will continue to develop this skill next week.

Throughout the week, have also enjoyed learning about St David's day. We made a welsh flag, created marks with leeks, carefully used a knife to chop leeks, painted pictures of daffodils, used junk and blocks to build castles, tasted welsh cakes and played rugby! We have also planted and created something special for our mummy's in preparation for Mother's Day.

What a busy week we have had! Have a super weekend and I will see you all again next week.
Miss Gregory

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