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Welcome back Base 3

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Oh my goodness, what a wonderful week we have had!
This week has been a rather busy one. At the start of the week we have enjoyed a whole class guitar lesson. The children all had a guitar to play and were able to play along to jazz, rock and pop music.
In science we investigated seeds and growth, asking 'Does a small seed grow a small plant? We looked at some weird and wonderful seeds and made predictions about what type of plant we thought these seeds could grow into.
As well as this, we completed our final piece in our art unit- cave paintings. The children took great care to make these pieces of art and everyone is very proud of what they created.
In English we have been writing our own story and I have been blown away by the level of work that the children have produced. This is just an example of some of the sentences the children wrote:
'Beyond the horizon, beside the green forest, there was once a quiet girl who had a veil of sadness over her face,
'Far beyond the mountains, where the sun set, the girl stared into the dusk.'
In maths the children have been grappling with multiplying two digits by one digit. This is brand new learning. They have shown real determination in this and are now feeling far more confident- well done everyone,
The children have also played instruments in music. They have been learning to read music to play the correct notes.
This is just a snapshot of what we have been up to! Rest well Base 3, you have earned it!

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