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Hi Everyone!

Another busy week in Base 2 and it seems that the Nativity is only around the corner! I cannot believe that November is nearly over!

Using the book Charlotte's Web for inspiration, Base 2 have had spider themed weeks, followed by pig themed weeks and now it is our rat themed week. We have been looking at the character of Templeton from the story and thinking about his personality, whether he is kind, selfish, good or bad. We have spoken about who likes rats and who doesn't as well as the reasons why. We have written rat descriptions and a letter to Templeton to try and persuade him to help Wilbur the pig. We have ended the week with making a list of ingredients to make a special pie for Templeton as we know, rats eat almost anything!

We have finished learning about money in maths and have recapped our learning of number bonds to 10 and 20, challenging ourselves to learn number bonds to 100 and then to 1000. We spoke about how if you know number bonds to 10, then you can use that knowledge and apply it to know number bonds to 100 and then to 1000. We have also revisited the concept of doubling numbers, combining maths and art to illustrate what doubling a number means using paint dots. Next week we will be learning about 2D shapes.

More next week!

Miss Davies

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