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It's again another lovely sunny day and great to see our children and families embracing the weather and making the time away from school fun with an emphasis on the children's well-being and being happy — so important!

From Sarah, Maisie and Oliver's mum...
Hello,Hope you are all well? Just a little catch up, we have been enjoying the sunshine and learning our fractions.
Maisie and Oliver made fairy gardens and even managed a water fight!
You did have fun, didn't you! Your fairy gardens look wonderful and there aren't many things more fun than a water fight on a sunny day. Keep having fun and keep smiling!

From Erica, Liv's mum...
Good evening. Today Livvy helped me in the garden, sorting out our very neglected old veggie patch by removing all the weeds and grass and then watering all the pot plants. She is trying to master a forward somersault on the trampoline so practicing when ever she can and is getting really close to landing one! We did a little chalk mosaic on the garage wall and used the hair chalks in Livvy's hair. She has also been on Khan Academy and is really pleased to have got over 50000 points and change her avatar again. Hope you are all well. Take care x Gardening has been high on my list of to dos when not in school. I'm tempted to grow some vegetables too. Some lovely nature finds, Livvy, and well done for gaining so many points on Khan Academy! I look forward to hearing when you have mastered landing your somersault — keep practicing! It'll be a great achievement!

From Sophie, Riley's mum...
Evening Bessa, Riley's been doing really well. He is really missing school, especially his friends and his bus driver & Miss Phillips! He's been doing PE with Joe most days with his sister Lola, which he loves. He hasn't done as much school work as I'd like for him to have done, it's just so set in his head that he does it at school. We have converted our study into a fun classroom for him with posters etc to encourage him which has helped a lot. He just likes his school routine so much more! He's done a lot of reading though, which we are pleased with, we bought him new books for his birthday (rubbish timing for a birthday eh!) including David Walliams titles that he's been telling us a friend on the bus has from Base 4. He's been in the garden a lot, lots of exercise on the trampoline, taking care of our 4 chickens; Margo, Margaret, Mavis and Mabel, we have planted our veggies and he's even learnt to ride his bike! Yay!
Lola is loving having him home all day though! We hope everyone back at school is doing okay; and that everyone is managing. Hopefully everyone will be back to normal soon. Riley can't wait to see everyone!!! Stay safe

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RILEY!! You have been busy. Do you remember telling us about your chickens at our Well-being Lunch Club, when Esme was telling us about the guinea pig she had for her birthday? You told us about your 4 chickens and that they had names beginning with M. We took ages trying to guess their names. I have two hens as you know and one of them, 'Clucker', looks just like yours! Congratulations on learning to ride your bike too! Now that is an achievement worthy of a Headteacher's Award! Keep reading — it's such a wonderful way to pass the time and escape into other worlds and adventures, Riley!

From Laura and Nathan...
Hello everyone, we really really miss you all. Daddy has built us a climbing frame out of ladders and we love seeing or friends and teachers when they are outside in the sunshine at school- we also love seeing some of our friends passing on their daily exercise. We have been bike riding once a day as our exercise, we are doing family reading at Bedtime, we are reading David Walliams — A Boy in a Dress- we take it in turns to read and are loving it. We have been crafting, planting, cooking, and keeping busy. We are still working mainly on being happy as Mummy is very very busy at work — we can't wait to see you all soon. Love from Laura and Nathan x x Being happy is wonderful! Mrs Charlesworth will be chuffed that you are having your very own book club and sharing the David Walliams story. I think David Walliams is really popular...we've been listening to some of his Elevensies stories at school. We really enjoyed waving to you yesterday. We've waved to Emily and her dad when they were running past and Mrs Roberts when she biked past today.

From Hayley, Libby and Esme's mum...
This morning Esme and Libby are pretending to be Mary Anning. Brilliant! For those of you who don't know Mary Anning — she was a young girl who discovered some amazing (complete ) fossils on the south coast of England — our very own fossil hunter. Lovely to see you both exploring your learning this way! What do you think of Oliver and Maisie's fairy gardens? Do you think they could be your special fairy garden helpers when we're back in school?

Thanks for your catch-ups — we get over 100 hits for each of our catch ups..into the 200s for some, with a record 336 hits for one of them. They're keeping up all connected so do keep sharing! Stay safe, take care, Bessa

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