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It's been a busy 'birthday shout out' day today and we had Emily sharing her fundraising — do support if you can — and now to our end of day catch ups.

We start with Kimberley and Declan...
Hello Mrs Cador and all of our teachers and friends. We have had so much fun being at home learning and playing. We've spent more time in the garden playing, gardening, and sharing ice lollies with our dog Patch to keep him cool. We've enjoyed some bbq's too. Our next door neighbour is a DJ, so our weekly clap for carers is always lots of fun, we even did the baby shark song and made all the grown ups join in. Though Kimberley got very excited with banging pots and pans that she broke a wooden spoon... everyone found this funny.We made a rainbow flag to put up to make everyone happy who drives through the village. Kimberley and Declan loved doing their history projects, they were super happy that they could use some of the knowledge they have learned from both reading and watching Horrible Histories. We hope you're all keeping safe and well. Hi, Kimberley and Declan, you've been so busy since we last heard from you! A great rainbow flag, some fantastic project work and lots of good fun! That's what I like to hear! I can just picture you all on a Thursday night — singing, dancing and saucepan bashing! Patch is a lovely dog, I'm sure he gets lots of hugs and cuddles from you both. See you soon.

From Amy, Alfie's mum...
Last week, Alfie went on a nature walk with his Dad. They saw and heard lots of different bugs and birds, including a goose sat on some eggs! Alfie has been baking again, this time he made scones. They were delicious and he is making another batch today with Dad. Thank you to everyone in the village who takes part in the #clapforcarers. We take part every week. As a Nurse, its lovely to hear the support! We hope everyone is well and staying safe at home Kind Regards Woe Alfie — your scones look great! You're becoming quite an accomplished baker, aren't you! I'm glad you've also enjoyed a nature walk with dad — there is so much to see. Tonight on my walk I was able to spot a nuthatch — very exciting, as it's the first I've seen away from a bird table! Amy, you and your colleagues are doing an amazing job. Take care.

From Rachel, Alfie and Georgie's mum...
In other news, Alfie is working well on Khan Academy and is teaching Georgie lots of letters and numbers! He's a good teacher!! (don't worry, we are teaching as well!!). Our next door neighbours have given us some tadpoles to watch growing into Frogs....... so today we are researching tadpoles and their journey into a frog! They are both missing everyone, but having a lovely time together at home. Alfie can't get away with being a bossy big brother as Georgie keeps telling him 'We All Matter'! Hope everyone is well, xxx Alfie's got a great teacher role model in Miss Phillips and I'm sure he's doing a great job -s we often ask the children to teach other as part of the learning process in school. Tadpoles are fascinating — they start to change really quickly so you'll have to keep looking at them. See who is first to spot some legs! I wonder who won the game of chess? Georgie your paddling pool looks great fun!

From Jenny, Lauren and Nathan's mum...
Hi everyone, we hope you are all staying safe. On Saturday night Laura and Nathan were allowed to stay up late to do the glow stick challenge (Mummy was challenged by one of her old work friends on Facebook). I have been trying to send a video but we are having broadband issues so I've screenshot an image instead; some people might want to have a go — it was the best fun. Also Laura would like you to see her picture. We miss everyone very very much. X X The picture made me smile Laura — thank you — and the glow stick challenge looks great fun — definitely worth staying up for. Let's hope some other children will enjoy having a go.Thanks for sharing Jenny.

Lovely catch ups today. You're doing brilliantly during lock down and making the most of each day. We may be doing this for a while yet! Take care, stay positive, keep strong, stay safe. Bessa

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