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Thursday's catch up

9th April 2020 – by B Cador
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We are quickly but quietly approaching the Easter weekend.

From Charlotte, Jessica and Alice's mum...
Good afternoon everyone, Hope everyone is keeping safe and well. This week we have been for lovely walks in Wrenbury village and Jessica and Alice have been enjoying playing in the garden with the paddling pool. They have also been doing reading and spelling practice too. Jessica and Alice baked yummy cupcakes yesterday. This morning Alice has helped me with some housework and has been hoovering, while Jessica and her Dad have been working together on her Science Sound Project. They had great fun making a recorder using a carrot. Jessica's Dad drilled out the middle of the carrot and Jessica cut the holes in to it. She then found it funny playing the finished instrument. Take care everyone. Lovely catching up with you both! Isn't Wrenbury a beautiful village and aren't we lucky to live or go to school here! Jessica I think your carrot recorder is fantastic and it much have been really funny trying to play it! I loved seeing you both baking – I bet your cupcakes were yumscious! Thank you for helping mum and dad with the housework (it can be really boring for mums and dads) – we know many hands make light work!

From Sarah, Maisie and Oliver's mum...
Hello, Oliver would like to tell Mrs D. that he has planted his bean into a bigger pot now. It got too big for the plastic cup and he thinks it will get even bigger now. We don't have any garden canes so he found a stick to use instead!
Maisie has had to replant her seedlings too and we have made boats to sail in the paddling pool.
Take care and have a lovely Easter.
Wow – your bean has grown such a lot Oliver – Mrs D will be amazed! I think lots of families will have been gardening over the last few sunny days, just like both of you. I planted some sweet peas today...I'll have to give them lots of special care to ensure they grow well. I hope you had great fun with your boats in the paddling pool – it looked fun!

From Erica, Livvy's mum...
Hello everyone. Hope this finds you all well and enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having. The last few days we have mainly been relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. Livvy has been very creative and enjoyed creating an abstract face. Her favourite part was definitely painting all the different parts. We went on a lovely walk around the fields today and she made a self portrait which she is hoping will still be there when Laura and Nathan walk that way again. Enjoy the Easter break I'm really pleased you've been relaxing Livvy. We all need to stop and just chill at times. You've been some lovely, calming, creative activities...I'm sure Nathan and Laura will look forward to seeing your self portrait on their walk.

Our daily catch ups will have a break over the Easter bank holiday weekend until Tuesday 14th. Please do keep emailing in your news, messages and photos over Easter if you can and I'll upload them on Tuesday for everyone to catch up again. Many thanks for keeping our children and families in touch with each other. I know that the staff and I are not the only ones who have really enjoyed seeing the children, reading your lovely messages and knowing that our school families are safe and happy, despite the strange times we are living through. Continue to stay strong, keep safe and take care. I wish you all a Happy Easter. Best wishes, Bessa (Cador)

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