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The penultimate week of Taskmaster club has been a trip down memory lane for Mr. Lindop and a real education for our Taskers as we took on the "Most 90's thing" national task.

With a playlist of 90s songs in the background (and lots of "oh, my parents listen to this all the time!"), the children tried to find the most 90s thing they could. After a debate and explanation about what Windows 95 was and how everyone used to have a Gameboy Colour, the Taskers eventually settled on a picture of a very 90's hairstyle! Unfortunately, we're not able to share the picture on the website due to copyright reasons, but the Taskmaster was extremely impressed with their decision.

We then tried out the "make a big thing look small and a small thing look big." Lots of entries attached with many trying the perspective trick, which Nathan had used previously. I particularly liked the find of a tiny model of Big Ben though. Excellent thinking.

Finally, our Taskers made paper airplanes with the longest distance covered in a single throw receiving full points. Well done to Dom with a huge throw of 4m 27cm.

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