Taskmaster week 4: Do you wanna build a snowman?

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A record four tasks this week in Taskmaster Club as our Wren Taskers took part in individual, team and the #classtaskmaster inter-school tasks.

We had two tasks set by the National Taskmaster this week for our #classtaskmaster challenges:

  • Make the best snowman
  • Take a photo of the oldest thing in your school (see other article)

    Many of the children immediately thought "play-doh" for their snowman and created some realistic and some very colourful snowmen! I particularly liked the addition of snow using bits of paper.

    For our own tasks, the teams had to put something on their head whilst keeping their hands behind their back at all times. This task was a lot of fun with lots of laughs. It was nice to see the children helping each other out to complete this task. We also had to create the happiest headline using headlines from other newspapers. A very well done to Nathan and Ellie for coming up with "The Best Selling Burger, FREE!"

    More tasks next week.

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