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Taskmaster club had a culinary theme this week. The Wren Taskers competed in three tasks each more challenging that the last.

The first was our first ever individual task. Each tasker had to peel a banana without using their hands. Some...interesting approaches were on offer. Well done to premium peeler, Izzy.

Next, we built the tallest tower we could using spaghetti and marshmallows. Some wobbled, some collapsed, but everyone had a good laugh.

Our final task: get an egg as high as you can in 10 minutes without breaking it. This was a lot of fun. Trees were climbed, eggs were precariously thrown, there was a frisbee for some reason. The climbing frame was the favoured solution though and in the end there was only a matter of centimetres in it.

Well done Taskers! See you next week.

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