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The Wren Taskers have gone national this week!

As part of #classtaskmaster, schools and groups will now be competing each week in a range of tasks set up by teachers across the country. This week's task was to recreate a famous film scene. After some great discussion and debate, the Taskers settled on the famous scene in the picture. Can you guess what it might be?

Then back in own competition, we had 10 minutes to make someone in our team look bigger than they were. Some great interpretations again, with the winning team cleverly using perspective to great effect.

Finally, we had to balance the heaviest items possible on a single strip of kitchen roll in 3 minutes. The Taskers quickly grasped that folding a longer strip of kitchen roll would given them a stronger platform. Well done to the winning team who scored an impressive 1.6kg.

More tasks next week.

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