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I received and opened a letter this morning with some very interesting and equally exciting contents from Hannah Wardman. Beatrix's mum. The envelope contained copies of the 1901 census, vaccination record and a lovely postcard dating from 8/10/1903 addressed to Miss G. Griffiths (see photos of postcard). This is some of the information Hannah has been able to share with me and why she felt we'd love to have the information in school:

  • Miss G Griffiths is Mabel Gwenith Griffiths, born 28 June 1882 in Broomhall.
  • Her birth was registered between July and September 1882 (Nantwich).

    From the census:

  • Her father was John Griffiths (43) certified Schoolmaster
  • Her mother was Jane Griffiths, John's wife (42) certified schoolmistress
  • Mabel G Griffiths (18) Pupil Teacher School
  • Her brother was John Griffiths (15) Grocer's apprentice
  • She had twin siblings: Amy G Griffiths and ).Elroy Griffiths (14)

    As the postcard is addressed to The Schools, Wrenbury, we can assume Mabel and her parents taught at the school here. I will be checking some of the very early school/class photos we have up in our school entrance. Equally interesting is the content of the postcard. "I was startled too as I did not know I had any relatives who were actresses." So many of us are interested in our ancestors; even in 1903 it seems to have been the case too!
    This resource is an amazing addition to our school archive and adds to our 'A Sense of Place; A Sense of Belonging' that is something we are passionate about our children having at Wrenbury. it will be lovely to share this new information with the children. thank you for sharing, Hannah!

    If any one has any information about the Griffiths family that they would like to share to build up the picture further, please do get in touch.

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