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Safer Internet Day

11th February 2020 – by Mr. Lindop
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It's safer internet day today and at Wrenbury, we've been learning all about how we stay safe online and how we can create an online space where everyone is #freetobe who they want to be.

In our assembly this morning, we learnt about our online identity and what we share online. The children showed they were already clued up on how to stay safe by not sharing their personal information about themselves and speaking to an adult if there was something they are unsure of or someone has asked them to share something.

We discussed our online identity, how we choose usernames, avatars, emojis and filters that don't necessarily look like who we are in real life, but show our hobbies, interests or who we might like to be. I was amazed with how children recognised that their online selves have a responsibility for letting others be who they want to be online too.

In the afternoon, Base 4 explored how we are all connected by our online identities. Children created a web sharing what they enjoy doing online, from playing games to talking to family members and friends. Our web was really strong when we were all included, but if someone did something to exclude someone online, such as be rude or make someone feel uncomfortable, our web fell and wasn't as strong for everyone. I was really impressed with the children's mature responses, particularly how Freddie reminded us that our school ethos – We All Matter – isn't just for in school, but for outside and online as well!

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