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Well, what a wonderful day we have had so far, and all topped off with glorious sunshine. We started with Crate Challenge- a team game, and what an awesome team these guys are. They, again, supported each other so well despite being split into different teams. It didn't matter which team they were on, they all supported each other. They worked together, helped each other and cheered each other on. I really couldn't be more proud of them.
Our second activity of the day was canoeing. The children grasped this well and were soon off playing stuck-in- the-mud, football and Catch the Song. Some of us were wetter than other but all of us were full of smiles.
The afternoon began with Dungeon Challenge, we went deep into the dungeon and needed to escape. We followed clues and riddles, completed challenges and quizzes to finally escape. Again, teamwork a much needed skill here and the children shone. After this, we enjoyed the zip wire. We zoomed down the wire whist; singing, dancing and being apples and pears! Then we went to the dreaded Piranha Pool! We had to solve the challenges to get across the pool and back before the piranhas were released- thankfully we all made it, with only seconds to spare!
Now we are having a lovely dinner before we head out for rock climbing and then team challenges before ending with hot chocolate and bed.
The children are all full of fun; laughing and giggling and enjoying their time together. This is an adventure they definitely won't forget.

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