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Enjoy the photos of our Refugee Week work and learning inspired by Kate Milner's story, My name is not refugee. Each Base focussed on a question in the story.

Base 1 focussed on the question 'What is the weirdest food you've ever eaten?' and decided that they would welcome a refugee by giving them food. They decided to bake scones and made sure that every one in school was given one.

Base 2 focussed on the question: 'What would you take?' and packed a suitcase with the belongings they felt they would take if they had to leave their home suddenly.

Base 3 considered the question: 'Do you think you could live in a place where there is no water in taps and no one to pick up the rubbish?' and created fantastic art work on canvasses with their personal responses.

Base 4 were posed the question 'How far could you walk?' from the story and felt that there was a deeper, hidden meaning to this simple question. They began to pose their own questions...Is water or love more important for life? Do you have success if no-one knows about it? Through P4C (philosophy 4 Children) they delved deep inside themselves to answer searching and challenging questions. They created art work based on the 'Mind's Eye'.

Also on the display are photos from a photographic exhibition #Iwelcome. We welcome at Wrenbury Primary School; learning inspired by fantastic, thought provoking, age appropriate teaching confirms for them that not only do 'We all matter' but everyone matters at Wrenbury and in our world.

A huge thank you for inspired teaching and learning led by all our staff and to Mrs Taylor and Mrs Clarke for helping showcase a wonderful week of learning.
Mrs Cador

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