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Printing in Base 4

13th January 2020 – by Mr Lindop
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What a wonderful first week back we had in Base 4!

We've been studying Viking and Anglo-Saxon artwork, learning how most of it was found on tools, clothes, armour and everyday objects. We studied the different designs, including some of the important shapes and symbols used to design our own printing blocks. We even had a go at cutting lino using special tools.

We've started to look at our text, Beowulf in English. We've been focussing on King Hrothgar, what he was like and the great feasts he put on in Heorot, the great mead-hall. We even used some drama to act out what was going on at the feast and listened to some Viking poetry and songs played on a special type of harp called a lyre.

A great start Base 4! Let's have another great week.

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