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Pink Grasshopper at Wrenbury!

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We had a lovely surprise little visitor in Base 4 on Friday! An extraordinary pink grasshopper flew through our window and, much to our amazement, it turned out to be a very rare form of grasshopper. After a spot of super quick Googling, the beautiful bright pink/red grasshopper soon had lots of little eyes looking at it after we realised there is apparently a 1% chance of actually seeing one of these specific rare types of grasshopper in your lifetime. The pinkish colour comes from a genetic mutation and, due to the obvious lack of ability to camouflage, this grasshopper does not usually live long at all due to predators, meaning not many people are lucky enough to get the chance to physically see one. How special for our children.
Ms Carden made sure every member of Wrenbury Primary School caught sight of this beautiful find before we released it back into our lovely wildlife area by the pond.

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