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Y3 and some of our Y6 children joined the staff at Wrenbury Surgery for their Carer's Open Day yesterday.

The school sang a couple of favourite 'What a wonderful life' and 'We've got the power' to the attendees and staff and presented a piece of art work that will be on display in the reception area.

Becky Barber, the practise manager, emailed school to say:
'We simply cannot thank you and your lovely Team Wrenbury Primary School enough for today, we feel that you completely made our afternoon. We absolutely loved the singing and are delighted with the art work.

We are so pleased with the afternoon... A couple of people arrived after the children had left and were so disappointed to miss the children when the other guests told them about the singing. The support services who attended really enjoyed the young meets older approach and they feel that because of the positive atmosphere generated by the children they had some really good conversations with guests.'

We pride ourself on being a school at the heart of its community so these kind of occasions and working together only strengthen the relationships we have in the best interests of all our community members.

A big thank you to Miss Phillips for supporting the children in reacquainting themselves with songs we have enjoyed singing in the past and whose words were poignant to the afternoon's focus. Thank you to Mrs Francis for coordinating the art work.

Apologies that the photos aren't clearer.

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