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Thank you to PC Amy Fletcher for supporting the school in raising the challenges of keeping our children and ourselves safe online.

Parents, staff and governors who attended the two after school sessions found them to be very informative and in some cases 'hard hitting' with the reality of how the internet and social media are being exploited to abuse both children, young adults and adults in different ways including cyberbullying, grooming and blackmailing and some with devastating effects. We learned, for example that where use of social media sites is free, they 'own the rights' to your photos etc. We learned about a new app called Yellow (Tinder for kids!) and other 'to be avoided' social media sites and apps. We also learned about age appropriate sites. We learned how to recognise legitimate sites. In the news a few days ago it was reported that fans of Justin Beiber had been encouraged to send indecent pictures of themselves to him, believing that the site was legitimate.

A quick verbal survey of those who attended said it was a talk they were really glad they had taken time to attend. We all came away with a far greater awareness of a range of new sites that are targeting our children both primary and secondary. We also came away with a greater understanding of what we can do to teach and protect our children from the dangers of the internet and where to seek parental guidance, whilst also giving our children the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the internet safely.

If you find the time to ensure your child is able to swim, know that they'll spend far more time 'swimming the net' than they ever will in the sea or a swimming pool...Do find the time to learn how to teach and support them to use the internet and social media safely — it is equally as important.
The Nantwich school's partnership (NEP) are hosting the SAME talk at Brine Leas School on 28th March at 6.30pm for parents/carers. If you couldn't attend the talks at Wrenbury or thought they wouldn't be beneficial to you, then do think again.

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