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Welcome back to school! I hope you had a great break. We have got straight back to work this week; being very busy with combined English, history, science and maths! The children have completed a study into evolution by carrying out research and investigations into Darwin's finches on the Galapagos.
The children measured beaks, converted these measures, plotted data onto line graphs and compared data to prove evolution had occurred and explain why. After that they investigated further by building bird beaks of two sizes to see which bird would survive a normal year of seed abundance and who would survive a drought year when less small seeds are available. After our investigations we drew conclusions.
The children then considered our evolution links with the gorillas in our story. The children then researched Dian Fossey (an American Primatologist) and wrote a short biography of her life.
As well as all this, the children spent time investigating WW1- how it began, what it was like for those fighting, what life was like for those left behind at home and then we looked closely at the individual people who lost their lives fighting. As well as this, we have also looked at some war poetry, looking deeper into the meaning behind some complicated language. This has been something that has really moved us.
Finally, this week PC Sharron popped in to ask Year 6 if two children would like to be our new Junior Safety Officers. We have discussed this role in class and many children would like it. If you would like this role please write me a short explanation of why you would be great at this role. The roles will be presented in assembly next Friday.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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