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Well, what a party we have had! I wonder if the children are as shattered as the adults after all that fun!

We began by preparing for the party, firstly by creating and designing our own party bags- we coloured, glittered and added lovely gems to them to make them very special- we also made some for some of the other teachers around school as the children also wanted them to have a party bag.

The children designed and created their own wrapping paper- making lots of lovey designs on sheets of sugar paper. They wrapped up our pass the parcel; making sure that there were treats to win in each layer. As well as this they created invites and cards which they passed to each other, they are going great job at using 'pick-flip- grip' to help them hold their pens and pencils correctly. Next- balloons! The children loved blowing up the balloons — I think they enjoyed letting them go more than anything, they whizzed around the classroom at great speed! We also created our own party song, playing instruments in a rhythm and following a conductor who helped them know when to start and stop while they were playing as part of a group.

The children also made some wonderful cakes! They rolled icing and created some great designs for the toppings then we moved outside where we combined the main ingredients — we mixed flour, sugar, butter and finally eggs. The children enjoyed the feeling of the flour running through their fingers, they blended the oozy butter very well and were so very careful when they each cracked their very own egg into the bowl that they had made within their flour mixture- this was great fun, we had very sticky fingers and spoons! They were very proud when they came out of the oven so perfectly- obviously these perfect creations came from their stick work and not pre-prepared at all! 😉

We ended our party with musical statues, the game of pass the parcel that we had so carefully prepared earlier and a play with our bubble makers outside.

Thank you for such a wonderful return to school — we have loved having you back. Take care and enjoy the holiday.

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