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22nd September 2023 – by Miss Gregory
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We have had a magical week exploring signs of autumn.

We have read fiction and non fiction stories to support our learning and enjoyed an autumn walk each day. Our focus this week has been observing the changes of leaves. We found out that in the autumn leaves change colour as they begin to die then fall off the trees. Throughout the week we have enjoyed many activities to support this learning. We have learned two autumn songs, 'When the leaves fall off the trees' and 'Leaves are changing', we have sorted autumn leaves into colours, created an autumn leaf wreath, made an autumn leaf crown and we have enjoyed exploring what happens when colours mix. To support our fine motor development, we have been threading to create an autumn leaf and at snack time, we have used a knife to begin to spread butter onto our toast. We have continued to sing number rhymes during our mathematics sessions. And, if that wasn't enough, we have begun our dough disco and sticky kids sessions.

What a super fun week we have had!

I hope that you enjoy going out for an autumn walk this weekend Little Wrens, I look forward to sharing your autumn finds next week.
Miss Gregory

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