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Last week in Base A

22nd June 2020 – by Mr Lindop
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A very busy week in Base A last week. We've been taking part in town sports, learning about polar bears and creating our own non-chronological reports. We used our town sports jumps and throws to practice our measuring in centimetres and metres. The children have also had a great time planting some new flowers in our flower bed to brighten our outdoor space. We went hunting for materials to make natural paintbrushes for Amelia to have a go at some painting, listened to some music and reflected on how it affects our mood based on The Colour Monster feelings and even managed to have a bit of a dance at the end of Friday!

Congratulations to Amelia and Courtney-Mae for winning this week's achieve awards too. A great effort all week.

Phew! I hope you all had a good rest over the weekend, ready for another exciting week.

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