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Keeping in touch

23rd March 2020 – by B Cador
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Today form Katie Clarke, Belle, Matthew and Scarlett's mum...
Matthew and Scarlett following the Joe Wicks PE videos! Great idea

Today, from Laura Davey, Evie's mum...
So today Evie was super excited to have a pe lesson with the link you sent in her learning from home book and she loved every second of it. So easy to do and keeps them amused while you have a brew 😂.
Hope you are all keeping well and we can't wait until we are all back at school again. Xx

We did it in school today...great knowing we all did it together!!

Today, from Hannah Gregory, Izzy and Phoebe's mum...
We're all working hard today

Yesterday from Victoria Robinson, Emily's mum..
What a glorious day we had today to spend time enjoying the garden. Emily learnt to plant her own seeds and is growing her own basil, beetroot and forget-me-knots xx

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