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Immunisation Heroes

15th July 2019 – by B Cador
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The Y4 children led their 'Immunisation Heroes' assembly for the whole school yesterday outside in the sunshine. They explained the history of vaccines, why vaccinations are important to our health and well-being and demonstrated how diseases can quickly spread if no one is vaccinated but the benefits to others even if only one person is vaccinated.

June Morris, our governor, asked Issy R about what she had learnt. This is what Issy shared with June:

  • Vaccinations give us protection
  • The body learns to fight the disease
  • The class had learned about Polio and how you don't hear about that disease anymore, because of vaccinations
  • If one person has the vaccination, it will also benefit others
  • Vaccines stop disease spreading
  • The class visited the doctors surgery where they learned all about vaccinations
  • The class learned to play a game where one person was the disease , and without the vaccine, how the disease spread quickly. The game changed when one person had the disease but some of the children were vaccinated. They helped to protect the others form catching the disease.
  • At Wrenbury Nursing Home someone remembered having to carry their son in a basket because of Polio
  • Immunisations can be given as drops, nasal sprays or innoculations.

What a wealth of learning and fantastic sharing, Issy and Y4!

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