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Former 2015 leavers – where next?

19th August 2022 – by B Cador
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Congratulations! I have started to hear about the wonderful achievements some of you, who left Wrenbury Primary School in the summer of 2015 to start your high school learning journey, have gained having just received your BTEC results, A Level results and other equally important qualifications. I know that you will have worked hard to achieve these over the past few years and hope the outcomes are those you strived hard to achieve.
I know those who taught you and shared your primary school years with you will be excited to know how you got on. Are you able to follow your dreams and plans? What are your next steps and where are they taking you? Please do get in touch so that your successes can be shared and celebrated!
You can use the comment box or email me: head@wrenbury.cheshire.sch.uk

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