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Thank you to our end of week catch up contributors. It's always lovely to receive your home and home learning news. Your photos and smiles bring the Wrenbury Team smiles too — which are really appreciated at the moment! So let's start...

From Rachel, Annie's mum...
Evening Bessa, Hope you're keeping well. Annie made up a poem/rhyme today. Sorry to staff who weren't included, Annie tried to use rhyming sounds and some surnames were a bit tricky for her. We typed it up as I think writing it out might have taken her a long time. Anyway, hope it brings a smile to your face. Thanks, Rachel That's a super poem, Annie and a great way to practice your rhyming. It did bring a smile to my face and made me giggle that Mrs Dopierala wears pyjamas and Miss Phillips likes chips! You'll have to check if they do when you see them.

From Jana, Laniakea's mum...
Laniakea school work Laniakea, I love your chalk board sums. You got them all right, too! Well done!

From Sophie, Riley's mum...
Hi all! Riley's had his goggles out & tried some experiments — lots of mess and lots fun! We also baked some sausage rolls. Riley's learnt about Light today and how the sun & its UV rays affect our eyes. Been really interesting!! Lovely to see all Riley's friends doing lots of interesting things at home. Stay safe. Riley, I had an enormous cheek to cheek smile on my face when I looked at your photos — you had the same kind of smile too — that's because we both know that you were having so much fun with your learning. Your sausage rolls look fantastic — I hope they tasted fantastic, too! I agree with your mum, Riley, it is lovely to see what everyone is doing at home — everyone is sharing so many different ways to learn, find out new things and practice or develop a skills whether it's in maths, reading or writing or a life skill like gardening or baking.

From Erica, Livvy's mum...
Hope this finds you well. This week Livvy has been baking, building a waterwheel and trying liquid paint pouring art. She has continued with her maths and reading and the Oak National Academy, often in the garden. We have been enjoying walks and cricket in the mugga. Enjoy the weekend x A lovely selection of learning and activities again, Livvy. I love seeing all the creative things you do...you know I like to get the sketching pencils, paints and inks out whenever I'm in class with you all. I really like the front of school art work too. Another delicious looking cake — well done. Wow- your water wheel is fantastic! Let me know what you think of the Oaks Academy online learning — I checked out the art lessons in Y1 and Y2 in Week 1/2 and the Y5 Week 1 art lesson...you may like to try them as I think they are great for any age! I'm going to try 'frottage'.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. Stay Alert is the new message from the government — this is an uncertain time — we know lock down has been difficult BUT please keep social distancing, keeping to the essential and keeping each other safe because more than ever...'We All Matter!' Bessa

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