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As we start the weekend with some sunshine, I'm bringing you yesterday's catch ups. There are some beautiful photographs taken around the village by Erica; they showcase not only her photographic talent but the wonderful weather we've been experiencing and the beautiful Wrenbury countryside. Thank you Erica. Today's task for our youngest children is to count how many birds and animals they can see in the selection of photos uploaded.

From Sharon, Leo's mum...
Morning all hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather, while we are at home. Leo has been super busy helping out at home. We have been gardening, helping me hang the washing out , lots of school work .
We have had some fantastic family walks in Nantwich along the canal and seen lots of wildlife. Leo has also been keeping up with his Martial Arts classes online each week and has worked so hard he has his next belt grading on May 3rd. Leo is missing everyone at school and now understands how lucky he is to have such amazing friends and teachers at Wrenbury. Love to you allx
Lovely to see you Leo and to read what you've been doing. Great to see you helping at home — that's lovely. Well done with your learning. Am I about to write another Head teacher award? Good luck with your grading. Do let us know how you get on!

From Lauren, Anna's mum...
Good afternoon All, Well we have made it through another week,we are all well and hope you are too.
The continued glorious weather has meant we have spent most of our days outside. Today has been very civilised, Anna has been busy painting pictures, searching in a bird spotting book to see which birds visit our garden. Our lambs are all enjoying this weather and are growing well, thankfully all of our lambs are with their Mummies,so we don't have too much contact with them now,but check them twice daily.
We hope you all have a good weekend and we hope to see you all soon x
I wonder how many birds you spotted Anna? I quite often sit quietly in the garden and watch the birds. We have lots of blackbirds at the moment and they like bathing in our water cascade. Oh, and we have a heron visiting the garden occasionally — big, beautiful but not as welcome! Wow — look at your lambs now — they have grown haven't they! Thank you for letting us see them.

From Erica, Livvy's mum...
Hello everyone. What wonderful weather we have had this week. We have been doing a little bit of work in the mornings, lots of reading, maths and Khan Academy then enjoying long walks in the afternoon. Today we walked nearly 8 miles around the beautiful countryside. We saw lots of different birds, insects and butterflies as well as some ducklings on the canal. We all said at different times how lucky we are to live in Wrenbury! We walked to the Hollyhurst Monument and had a snack in its shade. On the way home the kids removed their shoes and socks and had a little paddle in the stream to cool off. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Stay safe x Max and Livvy, your wildlife knowledge will be extensive. Max — I wonder if you should write a wildlife book. Livvy, it will be lovely being back in school so that you can help me with our 'Natural Curiosity' display. You'll definitely know more than me so can teach me and the children in school.

From Sarah, Maisie and Oliver's mum...
Hello, hope you are well? Not really much for a catch up today but Oliver wanted Mrs D. to see his bean has now started to flower. Maisie has been designing and making her own earrings too. Have a lovely weekend x Your earrings are lovely Maisie. They look quite complicated to make so you've done a great job. Wow, Oliver, your bean has definitely grown taller and how lovely to see it is now flowering. Mrs D will be pleased. You've been a fantastic gardener, looking after your bean so well. I wonder if it will grow as tall as the one Jack climbed and that you'll find a giant at the top?

That's it as we start the weekend. Thank you to our catch up contributors this week; it's always lovely hearing your news and seeing your photos. Stay home, keep safe, relax and enjoy the continuing good weather and we'll catch up again next week. Best wishes, Bessa Cador

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