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Thank you so much for your catch-ups today. Lovely to get news from friends we've not seen for a while too! Enjoy

From Lesley, Laura and Charlie's mum...
Hi Bessa, We've got the banner up. We made a 1:10 scale plan for the design first (bit of maths!) then painted it and got it up this evening. Hope you approve x I definitely do! A huge rainbow of hope — what a great way to recycle our school banner! Thank you Charlie and Laura!

From Katie, Belle, Matthew and Scarlett's mum...
Today after breakfast we watched the Chester Zoo virtual tour on YouTube. They loved seeing the meerkats. Matthew and Scarlett are going out for their walk so we've printed off off a country walk scavenger hunt for them. :) Belle is staying home to write some facts about Meerkats and no doubt draw a few pictures too! A virtual tour of Chester Zoo will be on my list of 'to do's — thank you sharing the great idea. For all those out and about, the scavenger hunt sounds fun too!

From Kathryn, Rhys' mum...
Rhys is doing a lot of outdoor learning and has enjoyed helping Andrew fence having to give him the right number of nails and talking about the lengths of wood. He has also built a calving pen and labeled it (that took a lot of encouraging) Rhys loves being on the farm so it's great to see him learning while he's farming. Well done Rhys!

From Harriet, Freya's mum...
Freya's sentences and pictures from her spellings which she turned into a story:A century ago lay a beastly dragon, it was so angry it ate everyone who came before it. After the deadly dragon had eaten everyone it went on its eggs and gave them a bit of leg which had blood on it, but before she got it she saw it had disappeared because her baby had eaten it! When the dragon is extremely hungry sometimes it has to use its flame and burn people alive. Beware it has got 3 eyes and it doesn't say bye to anyone. Who is going to die and also has sharp red eyes. A scary story, Freya!! Another great idea about making some everyday learning more fun!

From Lorraine, Eva's mum...
Hi Bessa, Hope you are all keeping well. Eva is missing everyone at school, but enjoying seeing all the photos of the great learning that is going on. She has been busy researching the Celts for her history project, she used various websites and a timeline history book to answer some of the questions Miss Phillips set. She enjoyed cutting out facts and pictures and reading about the Celts. She also went on the website for the British Museum in London which had a timeline where you can view various artefacts from different periods in time. We found a mirror from the Iron Age which was used by the Celts. Eva has two guinea pigs and she has enjoyed spending more time with them whilst at home. She has also been sewing this week making a unicorn and zebra. She has continued to do spellings and times tables and enjoyed watching the online BBC Teach Live Lesson about Dr. Who, Space, Light and Super Movers.Hope you have a good Easter. Another great 'to do' idea — to Visit the British Museum online. Some super learning and crafting Eva and your guinea pig is really cute!

From Sally, Henry's mum...
Week 2 — Henry has started his project work and is enjoying looking at the different flags throughout the UK. Lovely to catch up with you, Henry. Miss McKinnon will be pleased with your geography learning Henry.

From Louise, Bertie and Freddie's mum
Afternoon All, This week the boys have been busy getting creative, they have painted plates, decorated our Easter tree with lots of beautiful pieces. They have also enjoyed making their own salt dough mixture, picture to follow of the finished, painted creations. Joe Wicks PE starts our day. Bertie has been working hard on letter formation while Freddie has worked on some grammar rules. The boys miss school and all their friends but are keeping busy with different activities at home. Stay safe, hope to see everyone soon. Lots of lovely creating boys. I'm really pleased to know that you are keeping busy and creating lots of lovely things.

From Rachel, Annie's mum..
Evening Bessa, All ok here. The children are coping well with the changes to life as we know it. We try and do some writing or maths every day and pop photos on Annie's learning journey. Hope all is well at school with staff and students. Here's a couple of photos of Annie measuring fire engines, placing in order and writing big, medium and small. Lovely to catch up with Annie and the family. Mrs Dopierala will be really enjoying seeing all the uploaded photos on Learning Book.

From Rachel, Georgie and Alfie's mum...
Hi Bessa, The children are all good! Starting to miss their friends, but loving being at home! They've been working on their laptops, reading and working on maths and numbers! Georgie has decorated her own 'joyful jar' and they've been busy building lots of Lego and playing outside!I do hope all is well with you and all the other teachers.Stay safe and stay well I love the 'jar of Joy' — something else that will make Mrs D very happy to see Georgie. Keep up the great learning and especially the playing with Lego!

The Easter holiday awaits so try and make the most of the lovely weather that is forecast. We will continue to be in school supporting our key workers and look forward to enjoying the Easter weekend. Have a lovely weekend everyone. Keep in touch and stay safe. Bessa Cador

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