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I hope everyone made the most of the Easter weekend and, like me, tried to switch off a little bit. We were blessed with the weather being kind to us, giving us the opportunity to be outside and our catch up photos show that you did just that. Apologies for the delay in making the articles live..had a bit of a technical hiccup on my part...now resolved. so here we go...

From Rachel, Alfie and Georgie's mum...
Good Morning Bessa, I hope you and your family are all well and had a lovely Easter. The children have had the weekend off and had lots of fun in the Sun! They made a robot from boxes, washed the dog, we camped in the garden, made signs for the bottom of the drive, did an Easter Egg hunt and baked cakes for our neighbours! It's been huge fun and we've had a great time! Best wishes to you, all the teachers and all of your families. You definitely had lots of fun playing and being outdoors...brilliant baking and I love the robot outfits, too, Georgie and Alfie!

From Lesley, Laura and Charlie's mum...
Hi Bessa, We hope you and the team are well and have been enjoying this glorious sunshine as much as we have. Laura & Charlie miss you and their friends a lot but are staying busy both learning and having fun. Laura baked a giant sausage roll. Charlie has been tending to the pumpkin plants he's germinated from the seeds he won at last years Summer Fair. They both made and ate dragon eggs, found a newt in the garden and made their Nanna an Easter wreath from egg boxes. Instead of Easter Eggs they got a digital microscope that plugs in to a tablet so I've no doubt next time we'll have some "Guess what this is?" pictures we can include! Big hugs from us all- The Midwinters Charlie and Laura — you have been busy too. The dragon eggs look amazing! Some great cooking and gardening. The newt — a fantastic find! Well done!

From Maria, Oliver and Evie's mum...
Enjoying the hot tub, making a shop, and cutting Oliver's hair off! Great role-play — I loved playing shops when I was your age (so long ago)! Oliver — you are a very brave boy! I love using the clippers on my husband's and my son's hair...I've even bought (and used) some hairdressing scissors to trim my own hair as my hairdressing salon is closed! There will be some great (and not so great) hairstyles to see when we all get back to school.

From Illeshia, Courtney-Mae and Issacc mum...
We have been enjoying doing our school work. But all work and no play is no good! We have been enjoying the sun in the garden with our twins and been having lots of fires at nighttime with mummy whilst the babies are sleeping! Hot chocolates and marshmallows are the best!! Rugged up by a fire and drinking hot chocolate — definitely something very special! PS Thank you for my Easter Egg...it was delicious!

From Georgia, Oliver's mum...
Hi Bessa! We hope you and the family are keeping safe and well. Oliver has been very busy this week doing lots of baking, bike rides and has also planted his own sunflowers. At the start of 'lockdown' Oliver couldn't peddle his bike properly but after going out for our 1 daily exercise everyday on his bike, it only took around a week for him to figure it out! He is sooo quick and is now learning to use his brakes when he's told and to stop at any roads and look left and right for cars before continuing. Another thing Oliver is dying to tell everyone at nursery is that we have been busy decorating the house and he has had his room decorated green and white! Oliver is missing his friends at nursery but is also loving that his daddy is home for him to play with. It's been lovely to have all this time to spend as a family as it's something we don't get very often. Stay safe. Wow Oliver — being able to ride your bike — that's such a great thing to achieve — another Headteacher's Award being written! Your house sounds very busy and I'm really pleased you are having lots of time with your daddy (and mummy).

From Elizabeth, Charlie, Henry and Dolce-Rose's mum...
Hope all is well and everyone had an amazing Easter weekend. Although we've been trying to enjoy the Easter holidays we have also cooperated some learning in. Here's some pictures of the kids practicing some swimming at home and ready for the Easter egg hunt. We had to solve all the riddles to get the treats, we even did an egg and spoon race. Stay safe Great to see you practicing your swimming — Base 5 were unable to complete their swimming lessons because of the school closure so it's good to know you can still practice Charlie and help your younger brother and sister too! We know who to watch out for in the egg and spoon race at our next Sports Day! Love the idea of completing the riddles before getting the treats!

From Katie, Zach and Griff's mum...
Hi there! I hope you are all doing well. Zach has been busy learning all about Australia and this is his Great Barrier Reef. We also coloured our house in the colours of the rainbow for the Rainbow Trail. He is having a great time as gets the luxury of Dad being home lots more too, and has especially loved his bike rides, water fights and using Khan Academy for his maths! Oh and as you'll see from the pics, Daddy also shaved his head! Many Thanks Well done Zach — you're Great Barrier Reef looks really good! It must have taken ages colouring the bricks — I love the fact that you've put yourselves onto the wall! Zach, you and Oliver look like twins with your short hair cuts too! Enjoy having time with dad!

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