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On Monday 13th November, 12 children from Wrenbury Primary School made their way to Malbank High School to represent our school in the CNSSP Dodgeball competition against other Nantwich schools.

Dodgeball is a game that requires throwing, catching and dodging skills but also honesty. Every child was able to develop these skills throughout the competition. We had two teams, both of which got stuck in and tried their very best, getting better as they played more games. We played a lot of games across the night, we even had both Wrenbury teams playing against each other.

Whilst everyone played extremely well and tried their very best, a few children stood out by pushing themselves to be the best they could be and were determined to improve. Laylee persevered throughout every game, Samara was brave moving towards the centre to aim the ball accurately and Harrison kept his spirits high even when caught out and returned to the game every time with a positive attitude.

Well done to all of the children that took part, you should be proud of the way you conducted yourselves throughout the whole competition. I am very proud of your honesty and sensible behaviour. Thank you to all of the parents who provided transport for the children and for supporting our children throughout the event.

Wrenbury team 1 came joint 1st overall (out of 6 teams) and Wrenbury team 2 finished in 3rd (out of 5 teams).

Excellent and well-deserved results for both teams! Well done!

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