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Thanks to Wendy for sharing Ciaran and Ellie's lovely creativity with us — I really like the words made out of natural finds and the guitar is fantastic — well done both of you! Enjoy their creations!

From Sarah, Oliver and Maisie's mum...
Today Maisie and Oliver have been looking at the life cycle of plants. As we have been planting and growing lots of seeds recently they both found it really interesting. Maisie found an egg shell in the garden and they both enjoyed a scoot through the puddles once the rain stopped.Take care x It was lovely seeing Maisie and Oliver on their scooters, as I left school this afternoon!

I was also lucky enough to see Alice and Jessica coming back from a walk with mum and dad, too, and I had a quick chat with Tyler. Great to know everyone id doing well. Take care. Bessa

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B Cador: Fri 24 Jul 5:41am

Sarah (Goodwin) has continued to take in donations and sell them on to raise funds for school. Sarah's long-standing commitment and generosity of time over the past 4 months has meant a fantastic £2565 has so far been raised. Sarah — it is an incredible amount and we, at school and in FOWS, cannot thank you enough. Thanks, too, to those who have kindly donated items for selling or...

S Agnew: Mon 20 Jul 7:50am

When I was small I wanted to be a star... Jeanne WillisDuring the sharing of the story of Stardust, our Little Wrens were inspired to think about what they wanted to be when they grew up. This is what they aspired to be..." I want to be a nurse because I want to make people feel better with medicine. I am going to have some chickens and a bunny." Willow " I want to...

Miss Phillips: Fri 17 Jul 12:17pm

What a fantastic last 3 weeks of 2020 for year 6! The children in year 6 who came back to join us in school have been fantastic and very much enjoyed seeing their friends. We have of course recapped some of our year 6 learning, but alongside that we have created lovely memory books, played competitive games of rounders, had the best sports day, played some games and of course we ended on a high...

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