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School feels a little more normal with our Y2s and Y6s also in school. We've really missed the children and so it is always good to hear from those still at home. Here's some lovely news from Alfie and Evie.
From Amy, Alfie's mum...
We hope you are all well. We have had a busy couple of weeks so Alfie has lots to tell you. Today, Alfie has been working on his map. He has created an imaginary island and has done some writing about it. He has been trying to keep active by doing PE with Joe and has also been on lots of bike rides. His longest one so far was 10 miles! Alfie has also continued with his baking and in the last week he has made a lemon drizzle cake, chocolate brownies and scones. We have had our first crop of our homegrown peas this week and they were delicious. Alfie is enjoying watching everything grow, and we are looking forward to tasting all of the other fruits and vegetables that we have planted. We have also hatched some chicken eggs and have more in the incubator at the moment. Our family of wild pheasants that visit the garden are becoming very friendly and we can nearly hand feed them. Last week, we got two new additions to the family...guinea pigs. Pinny and Teddy are 8 week old sisters. Alfie is learning about how to look after them and how to handle them. It's interesting to see which vegetables they like and we love hearing them squeak to each other.
We are finding the home learning information really helpful as its giving us some great ideas of work that we can do, so thankyou.
Alfie, you're becoming a very accomplished baker and vegetable gardener, aren't you! It's lovely to see how being at home has helped you learn so many life skills through baking, gardening, learning some electrical skills with your uncle, wildlife watching and animal keeping/caring. All this alongside your school learning. Well done, Alfie — I'm really proud of you!

From Lorraine, Eva's mum...
Hope everyone is keeping well. Eva has been busy working on some of the home learning activities set over the last few weeks as well as regular exercise, playing games and enjoying the sunshine (before it decided to disappear!) She enjoyed setting up an obstacle cause which included a slide, tunnel, skipping, bouncing a ball and running to the finish line. She has been looking after the veg patch regularly and over the last few weeks she has picked radishes, lettuce and peas. She enjoyed doing some macro (close up) photography in the garden and after a rain shower she found what looked like a diamond sparkling on a leaf, as well as flowers and insects.
Eva has also finished her creative writing for "the hut on chicken legs" she decided to type her ideas and present them on card. She has been playing games to help with her learning too, like "Shut The Box" for maths and "Brain Box The World" for geography. Eva liked doing the sink and float activity and recorded her results in a table. She has continued to read lots of different books in different locations around the house, in bed, in the play house, in the garden and on the slide! Take care.
Thank you, Eva, for sending the photo of all the books you've been reading. We had a little chat about them, didn't we, when we met outside of school last week. It was lovely seeing you and Liv on your bikes, enjoying a ride in the sunshine (when it was here). There must be some delicious, healthy meals being eaten at the moment with all these home-grown vegetables you and Alfie have grown! I'm impressed with the photos. I think Mrs Taylor will be too. You've captured nature beautifully! It's amazing what you can see if only you stop and really look closely. Keep up the great learning. See you again soon.
Take care everyone and keep safe, Bessa.

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