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Base 5- you are simply super-stars! I am so proud of you all, I have had the pleasure to watch you grow since year 5 and I watch you now and am so impressed. You are superb learners, you ask questions, you help each other, teach each other and have complex learning conversations. You want to push your learning further and question and apply new skills so well. Amazing.
This week, not only have you been revising with a great maturity and drive, you have been busy on your learning journey, written wonderful stories (after marking mine and showing me how to improve it), enjoyed PE & French and immersed yourself in our history learning and enquiry.
Your curiosity has been well and truly lit buy our Stonehenge enquiry. You have listened to facts and taken in sources shown to you and then asked your own questions and made your own conclusions. I have to say, after all our discoveries, questioning and debates we did all agree on one thing- Stonehenge and the life that went on around it was mind-blowing! Even the geometry that went into the just the planning of the monument was so complex that we struggled to repeat it, even with modern day tools, and all of this was 2000 years before the Greeks brought in the idea of something called 'mathematics'. Wow. We have learnt such a lot but our learning has created more questions to explore- just the way we like it! Thank you to all of you who have been bringing your own findings to our history table.
I hope that you all have super weekend- enjoy the break and have fun!

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