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This week Base 1 have been busy birds. We have continued with our theme of great British Birds. We have been keeping a lookout around our school and have discovered some birds like to nest in the tower area of our school. We have yet to figure out the type of bird as they fly so quickly we can't see them clearly. Watch this space!
We used leaves for some bird craft. We gathered leaves from our outdoor area and sketched them. Next we painted the back pf the leaves and printed them. We used these to surround our bird display.
We discussed birds and what they like to eat. One of the children suggested in might be a nice idea to make some bird feeders for our forest area so that is what we did. We hung them in various areas scattered around our Forest School.
We have been using many natural resources when adding, sorting, comparing, adding and subtracting. We have been making up short stories to help us with our addition and subtraction problems. Some of us have been using number lines to help us with addition and subtraction.
Mrs. Charlesworth was kind enough to donate some rocks of all different shapes and sizes. We were using them to keep our tarpaulins secure during the windy and rainy conditions recently whilst helping to keep our equipment and mud kitchens dry overnight. However again one of the children came up with a lovely idea to paint and decorate the rocks so they were more appealing. We used some toothbrushes to scrub them clean before beginning the decorating process. Watch this space for the finished results.

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