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Well, I did say that I would share our wonderful writing, so here are a few little extracts from the children, enjoy!

"He stopped anxiously as he took a deep breath. His heart froze as if it was stone. Sniffing the air, a smell bled into his nose; fetid and permanent ." By Sophie

"But then she twitched. Perseus froze in fear. Her hair, a horde of slithering snakes, lunged at him." By Nathan

"As he crept closer, something caught his eye. Shadows. Human figures with twisting serpents for hair. Gorgons! It had to be gorgons! The closer he got the louder their guttural snoring. Sword in hand, he got ready to strike." By Belle

The children enjoyed reading their stories to each other and enjoyed sharing ideas.

The children also wanted me to share their drawings of Miss La- the hen in our story- they are very impressed with them, as am I!

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