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This week Base 5 have been up to all sorts! We began the week looking at our leavers' service and have been busy with it for most of the week. This has made us giggle and has also made us feel a little sad but we have enjoyed the time spent on it, it has been great so see how confident you now are.
During the school transition days, year 6 went and had fun with Mrs Cador- playing fielding games to help us with our cricketing skills. This is something that everyone really enjoyed and plan to play at lunchtimes. During these days you also continued your historical enquiry- investigating new sources, artefacts and written evidence to help you gather ideas and form theories about this civilisation we found in the heart of Africa. Next week I may actually give you the final clues so that you know their name and their story- I wonder if your historical skills have helped you to come to the right conclusions or will there be some mistakes that we can learn from?
This week we also had a visit from Mr Williamson from Brine Leas High School, he came to take our Gold Award books so that he can do his final assessment. Well done to those of you who have completed yours.
We ended the week eating ice-pops with our buddies, thank you so much Mrs Midwinter for this treat.
Finally, can I say a huge thank you to my wonderful class, you really did make my birthday very special on Friday- one I wont forget. I feel so lucky to say that I am your teacher — thank you for being so fantastic!

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