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So, where did that week go? We have had another great, busy, fun-filled week in school. Our music, RE and writing in particular this week has just blown me away. The children have been continuing with their singing, this time adding rap to to their repertoire ! I can't believe they managed to say all those words so well! I loved to see you guys bobbing and moving to the beat; wonderful! We will soon be bringing in the skills we learnt least term and building on them by adding notation and playing instruments to the songs we have learnt.
In RE the children, after planning their scenes, have created Lego animations of their Rama and Sita stories — they have really enjoyed this and their final animations are excellent.
In English we have been writing a myth- the myth of Perseus and Medusa. This was inspired by the drama we took part in at Liverpool World Museum and has been supported by one of the texts we have been using in our reading work -POG by Padraig Kenny. The writing the children are creating in simply wonderful- better than any Medusa Myth I have ever read- watch this space and I will share some of their work very soon.
In maths we have been busy with arithmetic, percentages, decimals and fractions and have dipped our toes into area and perimeter this week- the children are so engaged in their maths learning- it is a pleasure to watch them as they reason and problems solve.
This week we have also enjoyed our Gymnastic session in PE, a swimming lesson and French. No wonder we are all so tired! Well done my lovely Base 5- enjoy a restful weekend and I look forward to getting stuck in again next week.

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