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Wrenbury Primary School
Wrenbury Primary School

I don't know where these weeks are going — time is just flying by! This week we had out last John Muir Award visit and it was definitely the best one yet! The children worked their socks off helping to conserve Wybunbury Moss, they used loppers to but down a range of new trees which had begun to invade the delicate moss- they worked for hours and cleared such a lot of the moss. The children also helped to bring down a huge tree- all working together to pull the tree over and then, using a range of loppers and saws, chopped it into smaller pieces. Your work was rewarded with lovely marshmallows toasted by the fire- yum! Next week our project books are being assessed and then we will be sharing our work with parents- keep an eye out for the date for this. Hopefully we will all pass and achieve this wonderful award. Base 5 you really did work so hard and made such a positive impact on Wybunbury Moss; you should be very proud of yourselves.
This week in English we have been looking closely at the main characters in Gorilla Dawn and Goodnight Mister Tom, we have used the text to help us compare and contrast- we were surprised by how similar these characters actually were. Once we looked into Goodnight Mister Tom we realised that Mr Oakley may need some help- so we have begun to write a help guide for those who look after evacuees. The children have thought very carefully about what the adults may need to know- really taking into account the feelings of both the chidlren and adults and their guides are really beginning to take shape.
In maths we have been using all operations to solve calculations- we really have been working on some challenging maths and everyone has pushed their learning, asking learning questions and supporting each other when needed.
As usual this doesn't even come close to covering all we have done; swimming, harvest rehearsals, buddy work and running assemblies. You have worked hard this week Base 5, enjoy a well-deserved rest this weekend.

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