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What a blast we have had this week. The children have been very busy designing and making a strong floating island and then made boats which could propel themselves though water. What fun they had! They had to combine their science and DT knowledge to solve problems in their quest to make the best boat. The children learnt from their mistakes, adapted their crafts and improved their speed and buoyancy. After this, they used their writing skills to write clear, detailed information (including the scientific bit) about these boats. Well done all- you did a great job.
As well as this, the children have been writing some rather scary pieces of writing, inspired by 'The Windsinger' by William Nicolson and 'POG' by Padraig Kenny. Oh my goodness, their writing is GOOD! I am continuously amazed by the writing this wonderful class produce. Just listen to this for the start of a story:

"Where nightmares formed and evil grew, there was a structure. Its large oak timbers seemed to be jutting straight out of the ground. Wreathing around its base, pipes crawled and twisted like a snake."

"Among the frosted roots of a dense oak forest, a structure once stood. Its rotted platform, which once held a magnificent structure, is now green with decay. Hidden within the darkness of this forest, the shimmering pipes of this construction seemed to huddle as one...the past haunting them forever."

"Noises echo from the base of the tower. Small sniffles and lost memories. Quiet whimpers and vulnerable moans. Here sits a girl- cold and hungry."

And this is just a snippet of what has been written. Awesome! Well done Base 5!

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