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What a great week we have had! Base 5, you have been engaged, respectful of each other, kind and fun!
This week has been absolutely jam-packed. In maths we have been deepening our knowledge of fractions and decimals and how they relate to one another. In English we have focused on our new class book; Wolf Brother. We have delved into the first chapter and looked at the techniques the author has used to create impact and to influence the reader. We have also begun to write own own version, focusing on using more complex sentence structures.
In geography we have begun to learn more about weather, climate, vegetation belts and biomes. We have focused in particular on the Taiga; the largest forest in the world. Ask the children about it and let them teach you something new!
We have also started to learn about how to create digital art. Using Inkscape we have worked on creating shapes, then colouring them using shading and pattern. We then learnt how to tessellate these to create patterns.
In RE we worked on our oracy skills as we discussed the concepts of; fairness, justice, forgiveness and freedom. The discussion was considerate, thoughtful and insightful. Well done Base 5- you really did impress me.
This week we also enjoyed our first swimming lesson, the teachers were very impressed, not only with your swimming skills but also with your behaviour and attitude. As always, I am a very proud teacher.
As well as all of this, we have enjoyed our PE lesson, completed our own 'Code for Living', enjoyed myhappymind, engaged in our French lesson looking at silent final consonants and run our achieve assembly!
Well done to those of you working from home too- you have produced some beautiful work which I am looking forward to putting on our display.
Have a lovely weekend everyone and I will see you on Monday.

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