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Yet another busy week in Base 4!

Carrying on with our persuasive writing we have been looking at balanced arguments and have been looking at the pros and cons of zoos. We then wrote our own balanced argument after researching our own information and using it to inform our writing. After editing and improving it we produced some fantastic work and enjoyed it so much we polished of another one about school uniform straight after! We have worked very hard to improve our writing skills so well done everyone!

In maths we have started to look at shape this week. We started with 2D shapes and then moved onto 3D shapes. After as short while, the vocabulary started to come back to us and we are becoming much more confident describing 2D and 3D shapes. We need to keep working on this at home though to reinforce this learning! As we have been working so hard we got to construct 3D shapes out of art straws and marshmallows. The art straws formed the shapes edges and the marshmallows formed the vertices (quiz us on this!!!) — it was great fun!

In the afternoons we have been looking at classifying animals in science and using sorting trees to organise the animals into categories using yes-no questions. We used the iPads and books to research the information and produced some awesome classification trees!

Finally, we have been producing an information leaflet, for our topic books, about our trip to Chester Zoo. We planned it out and researched all the information before organising all the information into different sections. The finished leaflets look amazing and have pride of place in our topic books that are quickly filling up with our fabulous work!

What a busy week Base 4 — you have earned a rest! Back to it on Monday!

Music concert — Next Thursday 1st December

English — Project — Advert Due Wednesday 7th December — Information sent home
Maths — MyMaths — Due Fridays weekly

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